Dietetics After Dark

Dietetics After Dark

The podcast where true crime meets food.

Join Sarah and Becca as they use their backgrounds in nutrition and criminology to discuss fascinating food-related scandals using an evidence-based lens. If you like learning about crime, drama, poison, fraud, bias, nutrition, and food, this is the podcast for you!


Harvey Milk and the Twinkie Defense

June 21, 2021

In this episode, Becca covers the history of the all-American Twinkie. Then, in honour of Pride Mon…

EXTRA CHEESE: Belgium's Massive Egg Fraud and the Tale of the Rotting Mushrooms

June 14, 2021

This episode is a real fungi! Sarah covers the recent sentencing in Belgium’s largest food fraud, t…

Prohibition & The Boston Molassacre

June 7, 2021

Sarah explains the manufacturing process of molasses, the Triangular Trade, and how this all relate…

EXTRA CHEESE: Fake Farm Fraud, The Paycheck Protection Program & Secondary Lactose Intolerance

May 31, 2021

Becca tells Sarah about a pandemic loan program in the US that led to the creation of hundreds of …

Salmonella Poisoning and Death by Peanut Butter

May 24, 2021

Peanut butter and... jail?! In this episode, Becca tells all about the different pathogens that cau…

EXTRA CHEESE: Shape-Shifting Pasta and Deadly Fava Beans

May 17, 2021

Sarah tells Becca about a new shape-shifting pasta that may help make the food system more sustaina…

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About the Hosts

Sarah Muncaster


Sarah is a nutrition educator, food and recipe writer, and podcast host in Toronto, Canada. She is currently completing her MHSc in Nutrition Communication and has a BSc in Biology and a BASc in Nutrition and Food. Sarah's goal is to spread evidence-based nutrition information and help motivated individuals find their way back to a flexible, nurturing, and joyful relationship with food. When she's not cooking or studying, you can find her running, reading, or hanging out with her cats!

Becca Harris


Becca Harris is a budding nutritionist, former criminologist, and a current MHSc Nutrition Communication student. She has a BA in Criminology from Western University and a BASc in Nutrition & Food from Ryerson University. She dabbles in recipe development and creates content for her brand The Nutrition Junky ( Becca loves making sense of contradictory nutrition information and myth-busting food trends. In her free time she's in the kitchen, at the beach with her dog, or binging through true crime podcasts.

Geoff Devine

Audio Engineer

Geoff Devine is an experienced audio engineer, sound designer, editor, mixer, musician and producer based in Toronto, ON. He has an Honours BA from Carleton University for Communications, an applied audio engineering diploma from TARA and a diploma in sound design from George Brown.